Education of High Quality

JLC's teaching staff possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are always striving to improve their teaching skills. The dedicated, thoughtful teachers provide each student with a high level of teaching, and are willing to help you all to enter the school you desire.

Student Support

The teachers and life counsellors give you useful advice through orientation and counselling so that you can become accustomed to a new life in Japan smoothly and concentrate on your study. They meet you at the airport when you arrive in Japan and provide assistance in alien registration, bank account opening, hospital companion, and job searching. There are also some bilingual members available in our staff.

School Events and Excursions

It is essential to understand Japanese culture for studying Japanese language. You may have many opportunities to learn Japanese tradition, culture, and customs and to communicate with Japanese people through our various extracurricular activities (school excursions and other school events). We are sure these events will probably become valuable memories for you.

Development of Global Human Resources

We believe that the desired human resources for future are the young people who can understand different cultures and customs in the world and who can respect them. JLC receives students from all over the world. We work on developing global human resources with good international sense, providing education in multinational classes in the international city, Nagoya and promoting deep understanding of different cultures.