Two Year Academic Advancement Course

Number of students to be admitted:60 students


Application Period:August ー Early November in the previous year

One Year and Six Month Academic Advancement Course

Number of students to be admitted:40 students


Application Period:February ー Early May

<Who can Apply>

1. Those who have completed, or are expected to complete, 12 years or more of formal education

2. Those who are able to pay the school fees and living expenses required for studying in Japan

3. Those who have taken a course in Japanese for 150 hours or more and possess at least JLPT N5 level of Japanese-language ability

4. Those who are sincere, diligent, and eager to learn

<From Application to Entrance>

Document Submission / Application Fee Payment

Please make sure to send your application and all required documents to JLC Language Institute and transfer the application fee to the designated bank account by the deadline.

If there are multiple individuals, please enter the information into the applicant list below and then submit it.

Application Evaluation by JLC

Application Evaluation will be conducted based on all the submitted documents and information. For the accepted applicants, JLC will issue ‘Admission Permit’ and send their application documents to the Japanese immigration bureau.

Document Screening by Immigration Bureau

Issue Certificate of Eligibility

After examining the documents, the Immigration Bureau will issue the ‘Certificate of Eligibility (COE)’ for successful applicants.

Tuition Fee Payment

Send COE and Admission Permit to Applicants

JLC will notice the applicants for whom COE was issued. Please pay the entrance fee and tuition fee to the designated bank account. Upon receipt of payment we will send you ‘Certificate of Eligibility’, ‘Admission Permit‘ and the schedule for new students.

Apply Student Visa

Receive Visa Book Flight

Please apply for the student visa at Japanese embassy/consulate in your country. After you acquire a visa, please book a flight immediately and inform us of your arrival date. You are recommended to arrive in Japan on our designated date.

Arrive in Japan

You may be met by JLC staff at the airport if you wish.

Enrol at JLC Language Institute

The class starts after the entrance ceremony and orientation.

<Download Documents>

Application Guidelines
JLC Language Institute Guidelines 2024.p
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Wish List
Wish list_sample.xlsx
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